Upstairs, Downstairs, Upstairs

Jack finds himself in a state of panic when he juggles three gourmet dinners in three different apartments.
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    • After entertaining in the apartment for three nights running, Jack promises to prepare a special intimate dinner for just Chrissy and Janet. He even cancels his date with ever-eager Doreen Maxwell. But Larry, who's making an emergency trip, traps Jack into filling in for him on a blind date. When she arrives ready for dinner, Jack sends her upstairs to Larry's vacant apartment. Bubbling over with panic, Jack rushes back home to concoct a second menu and the tale of Larry's sudden attack of the flu to allay Janet and Chrissy's suspicions. Jack hardly catches his breath when Doreen who never got the message that dinner is off, arrives at tine door, forcing him to prepare yet another meal are one more outlandish scheme.
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