Janet Wigs Out

Janet buys a blonde wig and is so taken with her new image that she alienates her roommates, Furley, and a new neighbor as well.
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    • Janet comes back wearing a blonde wig after a shopping spree with Cindy, and is thrilled when Terri and Jack compliment her new look. Bill, who just moved in upstairs, stops by and is immediately taken with Janet. They begin seeing each other, but as time goes on Janet becomes paranoid about Bill seeing her without her wig. Terri and Jack try to talk to her about becoming dependant on it, but Janet is too caught up in the attention and compliments her blonde hair has gotten her. The situation worsens as Janet plans to bleach her hair, comes on strong with Larry and is rude to Mr. Furley. The last straw occurs when Bill breaks off the relationship. Janet goes home, totally crushed. Planning to abandon her wig, Janet finds Jack in a wig, pretending he has a flashy new personality. Janet, realizing her foolishness, apologizes and thanks Terri and Jack for their help.
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