Jack Be Quick

Cheryl asks Jack to father her child, but Jack refuses. Janet thinks Cheryl wants to marry Jack because she's going to have his baby, so she talks Jack into complying with Cheryl's wishes.
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    • Cheryl, a girl Jack has recently been dating, tells Jack she wants to have his baby. Because of her career, she doesn't have time for marriage. Jack refuses, explaining that a baby needs a real father and tells her to find someone else to get her pregnant. A misunderstanding occurs when Janet overhears a phone conversation and thinks Jack got Cheryl pregnant and won't marry her. Janet has a talk with Jack and convinces him he should comply with Cheryl's wishes. After Jack goes off to do just this, Terri informs Janet of the true situation. Frantic, Janet phones Jack to try to change his mind, but Jack's too engrossed with Cheryl to listen. It is Cheryl who now says Jack was right in the first place...a baby needs a real father, so she's decided they can marry after all. As Jack has no interest in marriage, he's brought to his senses and he and Cheryl consent to being "just friends."
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