Like Father, Like Son

Jack's father visits unexpectedly and resumes his good-natured meddling. Jack explodes and tells him to stay out of his life, but when he learns his father has lost his job, Jack gives him the opportunity to be useful.
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    • When Jack's father arrives for an unexpected visit, the girls learn that Mr. Tripper always interfered in Jack's life when he was a kid. Things haven't changed. Mr. Tripper tries to help Jack out at every turn but Jack resents his father's good intentions. After his father embarrasses him in front of a girl, and then at his restaurant, Jack explodes, telling his father to leave his life alone. But when Jack discovers his father has been let go from his job, he is devastated. Realizing his father needs to feel useful, Jack asks his dad's help in renegotiating his lease with Mr. Angelino. Not only does Jack's lease get renewed but so does his relationship with his father.
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