And Now Here’s Jack

Jack becomes a hit with TV viewers when he botches a cooking demonstrating promoting Angelino's restaurant.
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    • When Mike O' Connell the host of the "LA Today" talk show comes into Angelino's and loves his meal, he asks Jack and Mr. Angelino to appear on the show. Mr. Furley suggests that Jack have an assistant for his demonstration on cooking, meaning himself, but Jack asks Janet and Terri instead of Ralph. During a rehearsal in which Jack has trouble remembering his lines, Larry talks him into writing his speech on cards and hiding them around the set. At the taping of the show, Mr. Angelino's introduction goes well but the stage manager has rearranged all of the props where Jack has hidden his cards! Unable to remember what he should say or do without his cards, the demonstration is a disaster and Jack is fired by Angelino. Jack feels he is the laughing stock of the neighborhood and goes to clean out his locker. As it turns out, business at Angelino's has picked up because of the appearance of such an entertaining chef. Angelino is then forced to rehire Jack at a $25.00 per week pay raise.
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