Jack In The Flower Shop

All work and no play makes Jack an angry boy when Janet hires him to work for her and acts like a tough boss.
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    • Jack takes a part-time job at the flower shop Janet manages, and finds that she is a hard task-master, regardless of their friendship. To Janet's dismay Jack carries his annoyance with her at work over into their relationship at home. Chrissy tries, unsuccessfully, to act as mediator but it is a crisis at work that reaffirms their friendship. Mr. Compton, Janet's boss, is furious with her when he discovers she has forgotten to fill an important order. Jack takes the blame for the mistake, saving Janet's job but getting himself fired instead. Meanwhile, the Ropers are having a crisis too. Mrs. Roper has been having flowers sent to her from a "mysterious stranger" and Roper is jealous. He finds out who's sending the gifts, but decides to pretend he's turned over a new leaf and promises to be more attentive to Helen.
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