Out on a Limb

Jack writes a nasty letter to a famous food critic, thinking the critic is going to give his bistro a ruinous review. When the critic assures Jack the review will be favorable, Jack tries to retrieve the letter from the critic's desk.
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    • When a famous food critic, Patrick Townsend, leaves Jack's Bistro after eating only a couple of bites, Jack is convinced the critic will write a ruinous review. Larry talks Jack into writing Townsend a nasty letter. Jack does, only to receive a phone call from Townsend, who hasn't received the letter yet; assuring Jack he will sing the Bistro's praises. When Jack discovers the letter has already been mailed, he and Terri go to Townsend's office to steal it back. After getting stuck on a three-story ledge, Jack finally manages to get into the office, only to get trapped under the desk when Townsend arrives. Janet comes to the rescue, but all is lost when Jack drops the letter. However, when Townsend reads the letter, we discover Janet had rewritten it, complimenting Townsend, thus saving Jack's neck.
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