The Charming Stranger

The girls flip over a handsome Englishman who moves in next door, but Jack and Furley become convinced that he is one of London' s most sought-after criminals.
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    • The girls flip over a handsome Englishman, Leslie Bennington, who moves into the apartment next door. Jack, who is dubious about Leslie from the start, gets more suspicious when he hears a woman's voice coming from Leslie's flat after Leslie was adamant he would be alone. After Furley shows Jack an article in the London Dispatch, and a series of questionable circumstances arise, Jack is convinced that Leslie is one of London's highly sought after criminals, and the woman's voice is that of his partner. In order to get the reward money, the trio and Furley break into Leslie's apartment to collect the evidence they believe to be in Leslie's mysterious suitcase. When Jack opens it, a woman's arm falls out and the kids panic, thinking Leslie's a murderer as well. The whole incident is cleared up when Leslie finally explains he is a ventriloquist and the woman's voice, as well as the arm, belongs to his dummy, Pamela.
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