When an absent-minded policeman leaves his handcuffs at the trio's apartment Chrissy and Jack playfully slap the cuffs on each other and then discover there's no key.
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    • A policeman goes to the kids because someone has complained about their music and dancing. As it happens he is Chrissy's cousin. By accident, he leaves his handcuffs in the apartment. Chrissy and Jack are playing with them but become cuffed to each other. Jack has to take Chrissy on his date, and when the girl spots the cuffs, she walks out. But Jack and Chrissy are spotted by another cop who tells Jim the bartender that he's going over and arrest them. Jim calls the kids and they go to Furley for help in getting out. Furley' s toolbox is locked but he brings a blowtorch to the apartment to help. The kids have sufficiently confused the cop, but he catches on, and is just about to take them to the station when the cousin arrives with the key. The cop can't wait to tell the boys at the station about this, which could cost Chrissy's cousin his badge, so Chrissy borrows the cop's badge to keep him quiet.
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