The Apartment

Instead of catching sleep in the dingy apartment above his restaurant, Jack catches Mr. Angelino with a young woman.
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    • In order to meet his busy schedule, Jack decides to sleep at the dingy apartment above his restaurant and imposes on the girls to help him do errands. When Jack sleepily goes up to the apartment he discovers Mr. Angelino is using it to have an affair with a young woman, Daphne. Before Jack can excuse himself, Mrs. Angelino arrives and Mr. Angelino pawns Daphne off as Jack's date, making a hasty exit. Daphne, upset upon discovering Mr. Angelino's married, begs Jack to stay and have a glass of wine. Janet and Terri arrive to surprise Jack with some cheerful knick—knacks. Thinking Jack has been lying to them, the girls storm home furious! Jack tries to explain to them but the girls refuse to listen.
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