Secret Admirer

Chrissy is dying to learn who is sending her secret love notes and she sets up a rendezvous at the Reagle Beagle pub.
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    • Chrissy has been receiving anonymous notes at work from a secret admirer. Jack suggests that she leave a note for him inviting him to meet her at the Regal Beagle. When the trio get there, Chrissy approaches several men but none of them is her admirer. The next day she finds another note saying that he will drop by the apartment that evening in case she might be home. Chrissy hopes he's the answer to her dreams when he gets there he turns out to be a clown but a really sweet guy. Jack and Janet get Larry to come down and pick up Chrissy for her date with him to get rid of the admirer, but Chrissy likes him, and wants him to stay. They talk all night and the admirer sleeps on the couch Jack thinks he's fallen in love with Chrissy but when she tries to discourage him they all discover that he only wants to be friends. Chrissy tells him that they already are friends.
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