Going to Pot

When the Bistro's building inspector demands a bribe from Jack, Janet suggests that they tape the next conversation for evidence. The recording the police hear, however, is of Furley telling Jack he has the pot (terrine) he wanted.
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    • When Mr. Sneff, the building inspector, tells Jack he'll close down the Bistro unless Jack pays him a bribe, Jack is outraged. Janet suggests that Jack secretly tape the conversation so he'll have evidence for the police. While Janet is fiddling with the recorder, Furley comes in telling Jack he got the pot he wanted, meaning a terrine for the restaurant. After meeting with Mr. Sneff, Jack hurries the tape to the police who after hearing only the conversation with Furley, think they are going to break up a marijuana ring. A series of misunderstandings ensue but everything is finally straightened out when Larry arrives with the infamous "pot."
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