The Baby Sitters

A tiny tyke terrorizes Jack and Chrissy with the threat of tears after Janet presses them into service as inexperienced, substitute sitters.
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    • Janet makes a date for the same night she's promised to baby-sit for the Randall's one-year-old baby. She convinces a reluctant Jack and Chrissy to fill in for her, promising them a quiet evening, a good TV and plenty of liquor. Instead, they spend an evening with a crying baby, a locked liquor cabinet, and a broken TV. Worse yet, the pregnant Mrs. Randall goes into labor and is rushed to the hospital, so Jack and Chrissy have to spend the night there. Meanwhile, Janet has returned from a dull evening to find her roommates still out. She calls them, gives them some advice on baby care, and goes to sleep. In the morning Janet panics when she realizes they never came home and she runs over to the Randalls just in tine to greet Mrs. Randall's mother who dashes in, commanding her to "get cracking." Jack and Chrissy escape, leaving Janet to spend an exhausting day caring for both baby and grandmother.
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