The Not So Great Imposter

A case of mistaken identity lands Jack an impressive chef's post that makes him the unwitting target of a bullying bookie and the local police.
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    • Jack's lack of experience makes him far from confident when he applies for a job at the luxurious Angelino's Restaurant. When Mr. Angelino mistakes Jack for renowned chef, David Miller, the restaurant owner jumps at the chance to have the famous cook in his kitchen. Jack eagerly accepts Angelino's lucrative offer, and willingly assumes Miller's identity. To complete the deception, he convinces a reluctant Janet and Cindy to help cover up the truth. When Angelino's advertisement announcing Miller's debut draws a famed food critic, Jack thinks his only problem will be to duplicate Miller's special "poulet." But it's really Jack's goose that's about to be cooked, when the ad also draws several angry characters who have been hot on Miller's trail.
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