Make Room for Daddy

Jack plays cupid to his girlfriend's widowed father, but his arrows misfire when the love-starved older man makes Janet his target.
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    • Jack's anxious desire for Janet and Cindy to leave him alone in the apartment awaiting his luscious, Cheryl Gainer, turns into panic when the Gainer who arrives is Cheryl's father, Andrew. Jack' s double-talking excuses turn out to be unnecessary. A lonely widower, Andrew is ready to get back into circulation and who better to advise him about women than a man with two female roommates? But after giving Mr. Gainer a step-by-step course in seduction, Jack is horrified when his pupil decides to try his technique on Janet. And when a flattered Janet agrees to cocktails at a darkly intimate hideaway, Jack can 't wait for Cheryl to arrive - to follow the would-be lovers in hot pursuit.
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