Furley vs. Furley

Three's company but four's a weird crowd when Ralph Furley loses his job and moves in with Jack, Janet and Cindy.
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    • Frustrated by Furley's failure to make proper repairs, Jack boldly calls the building's owner - Ralph's brother, Bart - who solves the problem by firing Furley. With no place to go, Ralph turns to the trio to put him up. They agree, but Janet and Cindy insist that Jack plead with Bart Furley to restore Ralph's job. When Jack shows up at Bart's office, he is mistaken for an applicant, and inadvertently lands the position of apartment manager. Jumping at the chance to help Furley get rehired, the three try to convince Bart that Jack is not the man for the job. But when their efforts fail and Furley sadly learns of his replacement, the roommates hatch an outrageous scheme to play on cold-hearted Bart's only weakness.
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