Macho Man

Jack tries to subdue a drunk at the Regal Beagle, but it's Terri who takes care of the masher with her karate skills.
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    • Jack and Terri are having a drink at the Beagle when an obnoxious drunk approaches and starts hitting on Terri, Jack tries to handle him but the guy seizes him in a hard grip and has him humiliatingly subdued when Terri steps in and immobilizes the guy with a few self-defense tricks. Everyone at the Beagle bursts into applause for Terri and Jack is clearly embarrassed. Back at the apartment, Larry comes over to congratulate Terri. Jack says he didn't want to hit a defenseless drunk but he was about to make his move when Terri stepped in. Terri teaches Jack some self defense moves. Furley bursts in, incoherent with excitement screams that there is a mugger outside. They all dash out at see a big guy struggling with a smaller guy. Jack does to the big guy what Terri has taught him, knocking him to the ground. The man rises and shows his badge; he's a cop.
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