The Heiress

A customer of the flower shop names Janet in his will, and she receives a vase. His nephew, Phillip an art collector visits Janet, and Jack thinks he lied about the value of the vase and is trying to get it back.
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    • The kids get excited when Janet is named in Mr. Davis' will, a wealthy old customer of the flower shop. During the reading at the lawyer's offices, Mr. Davis' relatives are skeptical of Janet. They change their tune when Janet receives a worthless vase and is still appreciative. Back at the apartment, Janet tells Terri to get rid of the vase, which Terri ends up giving to Furley. One of Mr. Davis' nephews, Phillip Dawson, an art dealer, comes over to apologize to Janet for his behavior. When Phillip asks Janet out to lunch, Jack thinks Phillip lied about the value of the vase and is now trying to seduce Janet into giving it to him. Janet tells Jack he is being ridiculous, but Jack, determined to keep an eye on Phillip, insists he fix them lunch there. In the meantime Terri now believing the vase is priceless enlists Larry to help her get it back.
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