Baby, It’s Cold Inside

Jack and Furley get locked in a freezer together. Convinced they are going to die, they have a heart to heart talk, and Jack confesses that he really isn't gay. Once safe, Jack worries because Furley knows the truth about him.
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    • When a meat cutter's strike is apparent, Jack talks Mr. Furley into helping him store a side of beef at Angelino's restaurant, which is closed for vacation. They startle a robber, who in turn locks them into the freezer. The girls, worried about Jack being late for dinner, go to Angelino's looking for him. Unfortunately, Jack and Furley are too involved in their own panic to see the girls. Jack and Furley, now convinced they will die, get into a heart to heart talk where Jack confesses that he really isn't gay. In the meantime, the cops have arrived at the trio's apartment with the robber. The girls force out of the thief Jack's whereabouts. They rescue Furley and Jack; but once safe, Jack worries that Furley knows the truth about him. However, Furley puts his mind at ease when he insists Jack became delirious while in the freezer.
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