Mate for Each Other

After a happily married computer-matched couple sell Jack on the merits of computer dating, the fun begins when Jack secretly signs up.
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    • The trio receives a visit from an old friend. Joan, and her new husband, Tom. Tom and Joan met through a computer dating service and try to convince Jack that he, too, can find his "Ms. Right" through a computer. Jack says he is not interested, but secretly makes a date through the dating service. Despite Larry's ribbing Jack is determined to follow through and goes to the restaurant to meet his date. When "Ms. Johnson" arrives, she turns out to be Janet! Jack and Janet end up having a wonderful but unromantic time. They are embarrassed about the situation, and once they get home, decide not to tell anyone about it. Unknown to them, Terri overhears and misinterprets their conversation. Then Larry comes in, follows Terri into the bedroom and tries to comfort her. Jack and Janet overhear them and misinterpret that conversation. In the end, the four get together and all the misunderstandings are cleared up.
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