Janet’s Promotion

Jack and Chrissy apparently do Janet a disfavor by talking her into trying for a promotion at the florist shop where she works
  • Episode Summary

    • When the manager of the flower shop where Janet works, quits, Jack and Chrissy convince Janet that she should try to get the job. But the owner of the shop has other ideas, and hires a girl whose only qualification is her figure. Janet decides to fight fire with fire, and announces that she' s going to have her figure enhanced. Though Jack and Chrissy try to talk her out of it, the only one who gets through to her is Chloe, the new manager. Chloe goes over to the apartment to explain that she 's quitting the job because the only thing the boss is interested in is her body, and she wishes she were like Janet, who' s respected for her brains.
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