Cupid Works Overtime

Jack meets an attractive stewardess, Vicky Bradford, but between her father and her dates, she doesn't seem to have time for Jack. Janet announces her engagement to Phillip, while Jack is jealous and lovesick.
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    • While flying home from San Francisco, Jack, who is terrified of flying, is comforted by an attractive young stewardess, Vicky Bradford. Although Jack spills a drink on her and gets them both locked in the restroom, Vicky agrees to meet Jack for dinner at his restaurant that evening. Shortly after she arrives, her father shows up, and after intimidating Jack, whisks her off to a previous engagement and her date, Roger. As a depressed Jack closes his bistro, Vicky returns and tells Jack, who has been thinking about her all evening, that she has been thinking about him all evening too. The next morning Janet tells Jack that she is engaged to Phillip.
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