The Love Lesson

Jack faces eviction from the apartment the inadvertently reveals to Furley his great passion for the opposite sex.
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    • Chrissy happens to mention that Jack has a date with "Miss Beach Volleyball", in front of Furley. Jack covers by saying he has a date to play volleyball with the guys at the beach. Later Furley arrives at the kids' apartment just in time to see Jack kissing his date. Jack insinuates that his date is a man in ladies clothing who is an old Navy buddy. Furley can't believe his eyes and insults the date who leaves. Furley then encourages Jack to go all the way and see a real woman and he will give Jack lessons. Jack agrees, not realizing that once he changes to women Furley will ask him to move out. Jack learns Furley's lesson and Furley tells him he must move. Larry meets Jack's date at the Regal Beagle and tells her that Furley is Jack's alcoholic Father and asks her to give Jack another chance. She does and Furley catches them again and gives up on changing Jack. When the real Navy buddy shows up in uniform, Furley tells him he makes a better-looking woman.
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