Up in the Air

Jack agrees to be Janet's date at a stuffy, formal party. After taking an invigorating drink, he becomes the life of the party, embarrassing Janet and causing a shambles.
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    • When David, a rich guy that Janet is interested in, invites her to a party at his island home, she is thrilled...until he tells her to bring a date. Terri suggests Janet take Jack in order to make David jealous, and Jack consents. Upon learning that they will fly to the island, a panicked, fearful, Jack lets Larry give him a couple of tranquilizers to help him through his very first flight. Jack arrives with Janet at the party in a very mellow state, and is attracted to Nancy, who he and Janet don't realize is David's sister, not date. Jack takes a non-alcoholic but invigorating drink and becomes hyper dancing and making a shambles of the party. Janet and Jack eventually figure out their mistake about Nancy, so Janet ends up right where she wanted, with David, and Jack calms down enough to talk to Nancy, at least for a short while before he falls asleep.
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