Star Struck

Terri is making plans for her wedding to a soap opera star until Jack discovers that his sleazy reputation is well earned.
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    • Terri meets a famous soap opera star, Brett Wade, who came to the hospital for treatment, and flips over him. Brett's manager decides Terri is just the kind of respectable girl to give Brett's sleazy reputation a facelift. Brett not only takes Terri out but also asks her to marry him. Jack, thinking Brett is only using a line to take advantage of her, tries to discourage Terri But when Brett sets the date; Jack's only recourse is to wish Terri happiness. The next night, Brett turns up at Jack's Bistro with Shirley, a brassy blonde, and Jack discovers his convictions were right when he overhears Brett telling Shirley that as soon as his contract is renewed he'll annul his marriage to Terri Jack manages to get Terri down to the Bistro where Terri discovers the actor's true character and breaks off with him.
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