Look What I Found

The trio plants a stray cat at Furley's door, hoping he'll bend his rules and keep it. When a girl appears looking for her kitten, Furley lies and says he took it to the pound; so Jack and the girls search the pounds and bring home three different cats.
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    • Realizing it's against the building's rules to keep the stray kitten the trio finds, the kids gamble that Mr. Furley's soft heart will cause him to bend his own rules. When Furley finds the planted stray on his doorstep, he immediately falls in love and takes the kitten in. Meanwhile, a little girl, Muffit, comes to the trio's apartment looking for her lost kitten. Jack hurries down to Furley's apartment; but Furley, who is trying to impress Mr. Williams, a trouble shooter his brother Bart sent over, tells Jack he took the cat to the pound. Frantic, the kids search all the pounds and bring home to Muffit three different kittens - none of which are the real thing. Muffit exits into the girls' room, crying. At that moment, Furley and Williams arrive, and the kids play havoc trying to hide the three kittens. Mr. Williams finally finds them out, but the kids are saved when Williams discovers he has a soft spot of his own and takes the kittens home to his family. Muffit ends up giving her kitten to Mr. Furley.
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