Critic’s Choice

Jack challenges a famous food critic to sample his cuisine, aiming for a favorable review in his newspaper column.
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    • After reading a review by the city's leading food critic, Jason Defarge, in which Defarge laments the lack of good chefs, the girls convince Jack to ask him to dinner at the apartment. Meanwhile Jack has forgotten his date with stewardess Chloe Brown, so, when she arrives, Mr. Furley unsuccessfully tries to help the trio convince her to leave. Jack talks her into taking a jet lag nap in his bedroom to wait for him until the dinner is over. Janet and Terri are forced to join Defarge at dinner when he expresses an interest in their company, but he then proceeds to drink all the wine, ignore the food and force his unwanted attention on the girls. When Chloe hears what is going on, after Defarge has requested music and gotten everyone to dance, she is furious. The drunken Defarge asks her out, and as they leave, Defarge says he is giving Jack an excellent review...not realizing that he never ate. In the morning, the trio read the excellent review "a great chef has been discovered”-Jack Kipper.
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