Jack’s Navy Pal

When Jack, Chrissy and Janet set out a gourmet dinner for the Ropers - designed to stave off an expected rent hike — the "nearest" sailor from Jack's navy days arrives and wrecks the evening.
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    • Just as Jack and the girls are preparing a dinner for the Ropers with the intention of buttering up Mr. Roper and dissuading him from raising the rent, an old, and unpleasant, acquaintance from Jack's Navy days shows up unexpectedly. Jack is startled to see that Jim Walsh is row blind, and is even more surprised when Jim hauls off and punches him in the jaw. Jim has hit Jack because he believes Jack finked on him back in the Navy, but then realizes that he's made a mistake. He insists that Jack owes him one now, and refuses to leave until Jack has hit him back. Jack tells him he can't hit a blind man, but Jim still won't leave. He then deliberately goes about spoiling the Ropers' dinner and insulting everyone. When Jim begins breaking up the furniture, everyone finally loses their temper and tells Jack to hit him. As Jack pulls back to punch Jim, Jim blocks his swing and lands another fist right on Jack's jaw. Then he smugly departs.
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