Moving On

Jack, Janet and Chrissy's favorite landlord, Stanley Roper sells their apartment building but resists his wife Helen's desire to move into a new townhouse in a "swinging" development next door to a snobbish realtor who thinks they will lower the tone of the community.
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    • Realtor Jeffrey Brookes uptight about getting "suitable" neighbors is far from thrilled when the Ropers arrive in their noisy rattletrap car. It's instant dislike between him and Stanley. While Jeffrey is showing Helen the upstairs bedrooms - in which Stanley is disinterested - the Brookes' young son, David comes into the townhouse. Roper suddenly realizes that the Brookes live next door and will not sell unless it's to the "right" kind of neighbors. While Helen is thrilled with the place, Stanley perversely announces to Brookes that he plays drums at wild parties, which he throws several nights a week for rowdies. He also deliberately makes a disparaging remark about the woman next door, knowing it is Mrs. Brookes. Later, Helen phones Anne Brookes to arrange a second visit to the property. Unlike her husband, Anne is friendly and unaffected, but she makes the mistake of telling him the Ropers are returning. When Helen and Stanley arrive, they find a "sold" sign on the property.
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