Old Folks At Home

75-year-young veteran actor Pat O'Malley takes a lesson from the "youngsters" by forming his own "oldster-trio" in a geriatric apartment commune.
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    • When an old man comes to the apartment building looking for an apartment to rent Chrissy lets him rest for a few minutes in their apartment. His apartment has been turned into a "con-damn-inium" and he has no place to stay. The kids feel sorry for him and invite him to stay but Jack has a heavy date and wants him to be very quiet that evening. He isn't, but when the date insults the old man, Jack gets rid of her. The old man disappears the next afternoon and the kids worry, but when he shows up again, he has rented an apartment with two old "buddies". The "buddies" are old ladies and the old man has decided he likes Jack's setup and wants to try it himself.
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