A Crowded Romance

Janet frantically tries to keep Jack and Larry from finding out they are both dating the same beautiful woman.
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    • Jack appears for an interview for a temporary stint as a mechanical man in Kruger's Department Store window. Larry asks Janet to send a special bouquet to his new Miss Right, Twinkie, to be signed with love from "Sweetcheeks." When Jack shows up at the florist shop crowing about his new job, Janet asks him to deliver the flowers with the cryptic note. But to Janet's horror, Jack is smitten by Larry's auburn-tressed beauty - whom he dubs Bunny. As Jack and Larry congratulate each other on their new conquests, Janet goes to hilarious lengths to hide the truth about their two-timer. But when Larry decides to take Twinkie for a stroll past Kruger's window, little does he know that the shock will cause Jack's mechanical man to blow a fuse!
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