And Baby Makes Two

When Janet develops a sudden interest in having a baby, Jack and Chrissy hold some hilarious interviews with the men who they think have answered their advertisement for a father-for-hire.
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    • As Janet is on her way home from babysitting she stops and tells Ralph that she wants to redecorate her bedroom as a surprise for Chrissy. She has placed an ad for an art student to help and left Ralph's number. She's going to cancel out off a planned ski weekend with Jack and Chrissy. When she gets upstairs, the trio gets into a discussion of how her friend became pregnant by advertising for a partner. She didn't want to get married just have a baby. In the morning when she cancels and men begin to arrive at the apartment answering her ad, Jack and Chrissy think she wants a baby also. Chrissy finally explodes at the one Janet chooses to help her, so Janet explains everything. Jack is relieved since Janet declined his offer to help her.
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