Jack’s Bad Boy

Jack Tripper finally meets his match when a twelve-year-old boy wins the girl's sympathy moves into the apartment.
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    • The trio arrive home after work to find a twelve-year-old boy there. He was looking for his friend's house and, since the door was unlocked, he came in. The girls melt for him but when Jack discovers the boy is hiding one of his track trophies in his jacket. Jack believes he's nothing but a con artist, but the girls defend him. Even Ralph warms up to the kid, but when the kid gives Jack $100.00 to cover the rest of the rent, Jack thinks he stole it, and they try to sneak it back into Furley's. Ralph adds up his money and has $100.00 more than he thought he had. The kid's chauffeur arrives and explains that the kid called for his allowance and now has to go home. The kid runs away a lot because he has everything and gets bored. He won't let the trio pay the money back and Jack gives him the trophy.
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