Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

Furley discovers that the nice young man that Janet and Jack have fixed Terri up with is a convicted murderer.
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    • When Furley discovers Ray Martin, the nice young man Janet and Jack fixed Terri up with, is a convicted murderer, all havoc breaks loose. Janet, seeing Ray sprinkling what she thinks is poison in the salad, is convinced Ray is trying to kill Terri. After Janet confronts a skeptical Jack and Terri with the news, Ray offers Jack a glass of wine. Jack gratefully gulps it down only to discover Ray made it himself. The trio is now convinced that Ray has poisoned Jack out of jealousy. Thoroughly panicked, Janet rushes out to get the police as Terri tries to save Jack's life. But their fears are quickly lessened when Terri sees Ray partaking of the same wine. Sensitive to their outraged behavior, Ray confesses with shame his previous crime. Although he paid the price in prison, Ray explains he will be condemned for the rest of his life. Embarrassed for jumping to conclusions, the trio send the police away, learning a valuable lesson themselves.
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