The Money Machine

Jack receives $1000 by mistake from an automated cash machine. He hides it in the couch for the weekend but when the Bank Security arrives to collect the money, it is nowhere to be found.
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    • The automated teller at the bank accidentally gives Jack $1,000 too much. Since it is the weekend, Jack leaves a message at the Bank explaining the situation and hides the money in the trio's couch. Later, Furley surprises the kids with a new couch but Jack is the astounded one when he finds the money has disappeared along with the old couch. After buying the old couch back, Jack is panicked to find the money still missing. The bank security arrives to collect the money and when Furley walks in with expensive new clothes, they think he's the thief. The kids defend Furley, who calms them by saying he put the money in the new couch. When Furley discovers it's not in the new couch, he becomes more hysterical than the trio. Larry then enters with the money, clearing the whole matter up.
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