Janet Shapes Up

Janet is thrilled with her new job as an aerobics teacher, and her new boss Tina is thrilled with Jack. When Tina blackmails Jack into being at her beck and call, Larry offers to take her off Jack’s hands.
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    • Janet is thrilled when she gets offered a part-time job as an aerobics teacher. However, Janet's boss, Tina, is more thrilled with Jack. Tina blackmails Jack into being at her beck and call; otherwise she'll fire Janet. Jack goes along with it, after Janet is fired from the flower shop and goes to work full-time for Tina. Janet finds out about Jack's predicament and confronts Tina, telling her if she doesn't leave Jack alone, Janet will quit. Tina agrees, saying she'd rather have Janet than Jack- especially now that her boyfriend, Ron, is back in town. In the meantime, Larry tries to take Tina off Jack's hands, but Tina not liking a man who comes on strong, leaves Larry dangling upside-down from a gravity machine. Jack is now convinced that the solution to turning Tina off is to come on strong to her. However, jack picks the wrong moment to make his move, since he unknowingly does so in front of Tina's boyfriend, who is obviously stronger than Jack.
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