Friends and Lovers Part I

Jack thinks Vicky wants to take a job in Houston and encourages her, causing Vicky to think he wants to end their relationship. Vicky interrupts Janet's wedding to find out why. They make up and the ceremony resumes. Jack proposes and is stunned by Vicky's refusal.
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    • In an attempt to win over Vicky's father, Jack invites Vicky and him to the apartment. As Mr. Bradford and a nervous Jack visit, Bradford tells Jack that Vicky has turned down a promotion in Houston and implies it was to avoid causing problems between her and Jack. Jack, thinking Vicky really wants the job, encourages her to consider it. Vicky thinks Jack wants to end their relationship and abruptly leaves with her father. As the trio, Furley and Larry prepare for Janet's wedding at the apartment; a depressed Jack can't stop thinking about Vicky. As the wedding begins, Vicky inadvertently interrupts the procession when she comes to find out why Jack wants to get rid of her. When he tells her about his conversation with her father, Vicky tells him that the job means nothing to her, but Jack does. They make up, and the ceremony resumes. As everyone leaves for the reception at Furley's, Jack proposes and is stunned when Vicky refuses.
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