Roper’s Car

Greed tarnishes Mr. Roper's integrity when he is led to believe his old car is a valuable classic after he has sold it for $200 to Jack, Janet and Chrissy.
  • Episode Summary

    • Jack learns that Roper has agreed by phone to sell his 20 year old auto to a used car dealer. Jack convinces Janet and Chrissy that they should buy it, since Roper is selling it so cheap. Although Mrs. Roper chides Stanley about going back on his word to the dealer, Wagstaff, Roper takes the trio's offer of slightly more cash. The car leads to nothing but trouble for the trio, who can' t work out a system of sharing the car, and then it turns out that the car will cost them more than they paid for it just to put it in running condition. Meanwhile, Wagstaff tells Roper that the car is a classic, and offers him $1000 for it. Roper cons the kids into selling the car back to him for what they paid, but he still loses out, because it turns out that the car is not what Roper thought it was, and Wagstaff rescinds his offer.
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