Father of the Bride

When a wealthy man becomes obsessed with making a reluctant Cindy his bride, Jack and Janet hatch a strange plot to stop the ceremony.
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    • Cindy turns to Jack and Janet for help when she is relentlessly pursued by wealthy Winston Cromwell III, who intends to make her his sixth wife. First, Jack poses as Cindy's overly protective brother, but Winston overrides Jack's objections with promises of a culinary kingdom for his brother-in-law to be. Next, when Winston arrives at the trio's apartment with a monumental engagement ring and a bevy of bridal gown models, it is Janet's turn to protest, but Winston finds a way to win her over. And when Cindy appears resigned to take the long walk down the aisle, her roommates are determined to prove to Winston that he is getting more bride than he bargained for.
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