Friends and Lovers Part II

Vicky explains that she is afraid of marriage and suggests to Jack that they live together Jack reluctantly agrees. They are toasting their first night together in their new apartment when they are interrupted by Mr. Bradford, who makes a startling announcement.
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    • Vicky explains that, because of her parents' divorce, she is frightened of marriage, but suggests that she and Jack live together. Jack, being-fashioned, is reluctant, but much to Mr. Bradford's dismay, later agrees in order to avoid losing her. A week later, Furley and Larry help the trio move out of their apartment. Jack explains to Furley that, due to Furley's macho influence; he's going to move in with a girl. After tearful goodbyes, Terri goes to catch a place to Hawaii, where she will continue her nursing career; Janet goes to be with her new husband; and Jack goes to be with Vicky. In their new apartment, Jack and Vicky toast their first night together. Jack becomes nervous when Vicky suggests they go to bed and does so only after much stalling. To comfort him, Vicky confesses that she is nervous, and Jack begins to reassure her. As they kiss, Bradford enters the bedroom and announces he has just bought the building, including their apartment and Jack's Bistro, and is, therefore, their new landlord.
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