Opening Night

Larry, who put the wrong date on the flyers announcing the opening of "Jack's Bistro," manages to "save" the day by inviting his Greek relatives.
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    • After making numerous preparations, the trio, Larry and Furley are assembled at "Jack's Bistro" for opening night. However, there are neither any customers nor reservations, and it's discovered that Larry mistakenly put the wrong date on the flyers he distributed. Janet and Terri try to solicit customers on the street to no avail. A dejected Jack almost resigns himself to not having any customers that evening, when Larry comes in with about fifteen members of his visiting Greek family. The meal is a great success and Jack is thrilled with the profit he's made. After the meal, some of the family members begin dancing to Bazouki music, and in customary Greek fashion, begin throwing plates to the floor in appreciation, thereby eating up Jack's profit.
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