Diamond Jack

Larry arranges a blind date for Jack with a jewel thief who mistakes him for a fence.
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    • Jack is expecting a call from a blind date that Larry has arranged. Rita, who is a jewel thief, calls Jack's number by mistake and leaves a message on their new answering machine asking him to meet her at the Venice Roller Rink. Jack meets her, and thinking that Jack is a fence, Rita slips a pouch of "hot" diamonds in his pocket and sets a date to meet him at his place later that evening. The trio discover the diamonds just before Rita and her partner arrive demanding their money. The trio pretends to go along with the scheme while devising a plan to escape but not before the cops come to arrest them all, including the trio. Larry arrives and attempts to clear up the situation by saying that Rita was not the intended blind date, but he only succeeds in being arrested as well.
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