Teacher’s Pet

While teaching at his old eating school Jack finds himself in a stew when Dean Traver's voluptuous niece, Betty Jane, cooks up a seductive plan to win an "A".
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    • Jack is thrilled to receive an opportunity for advancement when Dean Travers invites him to teach at Jack's old cooking school. Janet, whose culinary efforts are only a cut above the inedible, decides to become one of Jack's students. Dean Travers informs the new professor that his beautiful, innocent niece, Betty Jane, will also be in his class. The dean, anxious for her to do well but wise to Jack's womanizing, warns Tripper to behave. But when Betty Jane, who is far from an egghead, applies all her sizzling charms to insure a good grade - with Janet as a furious witness - Jack's honorable intentions become hopelessly scrambled.
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