Jack To The Rescue

Janet learns that Cindy's boss is asking for favors above and beyond the call of duty.
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    • While Jack is preoccupied in preparing his resume, which Cindy has offered to type, Janet is infuriated as Cindy reveals that she's been acting as an errand girl for her boss, Mr. Hadley. Janet insists that her new roommate stand up to her professional rights. But Cindy's resolve crumbles when Mr. Hadley's next day's greeting includes a bouquet of flowers, and she gladly goes off to fetch his morning coffee. Jack comes to Cindy's office to pick up his resume. However, Mr. Hadley, in search of his coffee, catches Cindy typing for Jack on company time. Jack counters with insulting accusations on Cindy's behalf, and the poor, befuddled girl is given the boot.
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