‘Three’s Company’ Actor Enjoys Show’s Revival In Peekskill


(via Peeksill Daily Voice)

PEEKSKILL, N. Y. — Richard Kline, who played Larry on the ’70s sitcom “Three’s Company” joined the Peekskill High School Drama Club as the teens brought the show to life for residents of Emerald Peek Rehabilitation and Nursing Center in Peekskill lasr weekend.

The Friday show included the students acting out an episode from the show, followed by a question-and-answer session with Kline. The episode they performed is titled “In Like Larry,” which is Episode 15 from Season Five.

“I thought the kids did a great job,” Kline said. “It was very nostalgic for me to hear and see that script again. I remember bits and pieces of it. Certain incredible punchlines.”

Cast members for the performance were Justin Hahn, Arianna Hurtado, Karina Roberts, Brendon Henneberry, and Brian Cureton. For the Emerald Peek audience, the show was also a walk down memory lane.

“Residents were blown out of the water. Many of them used to watch ‘Three’s Company’ with their kids, so this was a nostalgic treat for them,” said Ivy Banach, director of marketing for the center and a family friend of Kline’s. “I’m so thankful he was able to come and bring such joy to our building.”

Banach worked with Terry Sandler, Peekskill High School Theater teacher and drama advisor, in organizing the show, which was followed by a buffet lunch and an autograph session with Kline.

Sandler said the the experience was a wonderful opportunity for his students, and a memory they will not soon forget.

“The whole experience was incredible. Richard Kline sat behind me laughing the entire time, saying, ‘I remember saying that line! These kids are doing great!'” Sandler said.

“But the best part was that I never had to use my ‘canned laughter’ sound effect we had prepared ahead of time because the audience was laughing naturally,” he said.


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