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cindy.jpg (14666 bytes) Jenilee Harrison                         images/redflower.jpg (12714

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Character: Cindy Snow
Like her cousin Chrissy, Cindy is also known for her naiveté. This UCLA student who always seems to make grand entrances or crashes for that matter. Known for her clumsiness, Cindy had a tendency to break things, but she is well liked around the apartment, her enthusiasm and kid sister nature makes her a wonderful roommate.

Raised a true California girl, Jenilee Harrison grew up in Glendale. Active in the world of entertainment at an early age, Jenilee won the title of "Miss Young America", modeled on the cover of the Kellogg's Corn Flakes box, and further sharpened her resume in real estate school at the age of 17.

Before Three’s Company, Harrison gained the most notoriety as a professional cheerleader for the L.A. Rams. She cheered for the NFL football team from 1978-80.

Like her character Cindy, who left apartment 201 to attend UCLA, academic pursuits were extremely important to Jenilee. Jenilee Harrison attended The University of Southern California where she graduated with honors and received a BS in Education. It was while she was attending USC that she met and took classes from USC acting coach, Joyce Selznick. Selznick encouraged Jenilee's acting pursuits and inspired her to try out for different roles.

She first knocked on the doors of Three’s Company in 1980 as Chrissy's cousin, Cindy, and stayed until the following year. Harrison later said about her character, Cindy Snow, "’ I wasn’t like that [klutzy] at all. I was acting. Her enthusiasm, likability, vulnerability, naiveté -all that was me."

After Three's Company, Harrison went on to star in Dallas from 1984-1987. Her role as Jamie Ewing garnered her a Soap Opera Digest nomination for Best New Actress in a Prime Time Series. Harrison has guest starred with notable actors such as James Garner in the feature film Tank and with Eva Maria Saint in the mini-series Malibu.

Jenilee Harrison is married to "Chiropractor to the stars" Dr. Bruce Oppenheim and is a stepmother of two. She currently demonstrates her business acumen in her real estate investments as well as producing, directing, and hosting of several infomercials. Her hobbies include performing in rodeos and racing cars.


terri.jpg (14119 bytes) Priscilla Barnes                                images/redflower.jpg (12714


Character: Terri Alden
Is there a nurse in the house? There is after Terri Alden moves into the apartment in the sixth season. With her upscale image and zany personality she falls into place with the rest of the crowd. It does seem that when Terri speaks, the wrong thing comes out at the wrong time, but that's not to say she isn't intelligent. As an emergency nurse Terri is very serious about her career. However, when she's at home and out of her uniform, Terri lets loose and reveals that wise-cracking upbeat character we love.

The talented and sexy Priscilla Barnes enjoys art collecting,

The talented Priscilla Barnes was born in Fort Dix, New Jersey, and travelled around the country with her family before settling at Edward Air Force Base in Lancaster, California. As a teenager, Priscilla was involved with various dancing and beauty-pageants, and won the title of “Miss Hollywood”.

7.jpg (28830

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Her television credits are numerous. After being introduced on Columbo in 1973 she went on to appear in classic television series such as Starsky and Hutch, Taxi, Vegas, and Murder, She Wrote. No role will equal the lovable quirky nurse she plays in Three's Company. In 1981, she took over as the new roommate in the hit show, Three's Company, as this marked her debut as a recurring cast member in a comedy program.

Her first film following Three’s Company was Sunday Lovers with Roger Moore and Lyn Redgrave. She then went on to co-star in the James Bond feature, License to Kill, playing opposite Timothy Dalton and Benecio Del Toro. Additional film credits include Mumford, Mallrats, Tom 51, and The Visitation.

Priscilla continues to pursue new acting projects, as well as producing and writing. She currently resides in Los Angeles with her husband Ted Monte.



        (10882 bytes) Don Knotts                                                 images/redflower.jpg (12714


Character: Ralph Furley
If wardrobe makes the man, then Ralph Furley is the monument to retro fashion. Mr. Furley wears with confidence leisure suits with scarf ensembles. And like love and war, when it comes to Mr. Furley's fashion sense nothing is off limits, from plaids and prints to tangerine orange with medallions. Mr. Furley takes over managing the day to day duties for the apartment building when his brother purchases the property from the Ropers. Ralph considers himself to be a ladies man; a traditional bachelor of yesteryear looking to fit in with the new young and swinging singles world he meets through Jack, Larry, and the gang.

The star of nineteen motion pictures, his own television variety series and several specials, Don is known best for his comedy roles. He has won five coveted Emmy Awards for his flawless portrayal as Barney Fife on the Andy Griffith Show.

Don was born July 21, 1924 in Morgantown, West Virginia. Since boyhood, his ambition was to be in show business. As a child he was a movie aficionado as well as radio fan, concentrating on comedy shows. His idol was Jack Benny and at the age of twelve, Don recognized and tried to imitate Benny's impeccable timing.


 (40190 bytes)

Edgar Bergen was another radio idol that inspired him to learn ventriloquism. After graduating from high school, Don enrolled as a speech major at West Virginia University, intending to become a teacher. His teaching pursuits were postponed when the army called. He spent the next couple of years touring the South Pacific doing comedy routines in “Stars and Gripes“.

After the army, Don finished school before heading to New York appearing on various radio and television programs. It was in Manhattan that he first met Andy Griffith in the Broadway play, No Time for Sergeants. During the run of the theatrical hit, Don began creating his own comedy material, thus was born the nervous little man, based on an after dinner speaker he once observed back home in Morgantown.

Next he went on to do the Garry Moore and Steve Allen Shows. In 1959, Don elected to move to Hollywood following the Steve Allen Show. He later joined Andy Griffith in what was to become the legendary series making Don Knotts a household name, and winning him five Emmys.

He starred in classic comedy movies such as The Incredible Mr. Limpet, Herbie Goes to Monte, It's a Mad, Mad, Mad World, The Apple Dumpling Gang, and The Shakiest Gun in the West. He was lured back to television as a regular on Three's Company, where he played Ralph Furley. He also has had guest appearances on other television shows including NBC's hit Matlock, reuniting him again with Andy Griffith.

In the later part of his career, Don stayed active in the theater as well as voice-over work for animated projects. He played the character of Mayor Turkey Lurkey in Disney's animated film Chicken Little in 2005.

Don passed away at the age of 81 on February 24, 2006.



        (10535 bytes) Joyce DeWitt                            images/redflower.jpg (12714 bytes)

Character: Janet Wood
This spunky florist is known for her sharp wit and wisdom. Her continuous friendship with Jack provides a needed sense of balance as they share the fun and mishaps in apartment 201. While Chrissy preferred to sleep in her babydoll nightgowns and Terri slept in a tiny satin nightie, Janet could always be found in the long-sleeve oversized football jersey, which seemed to match her comfortable, easygoing demeanor. Janet is someone the roommates could depend on, an endearing friend and always-good company.

Since her life as Janet Wood, Joyce DeWitt has starred in numerous theatrical productions including the American rock musical, Leader of the Pack, the Australian comedy, Daylight Saving, the British farce >Noises Off, the revival of Cole Porter's Anything Goes, and the Broadway musical Olympus on My Mind. For the latter, she participated in the cast recording and made her first record album.


(16022 bytes)

She further demonstrated her singing and dancing talents in various specials including The Perry Como Christmas Special, The Steve Martin Special, The Cheryl Ladd Special, and with her former co-star-- John Ritter, Being of Sound Mind and Body. DeWitt has also made guest appearances in television programs: Living Single, Cybill, and The Love Boat. She starred in the television movies With This Ring and Spring Fling. DeWitt developed her acting talents by studying theatre in undergraduate and graduate school. She received a Bachelor's Degree from Ball State University and a Master of Fine Arts Fellowship from UCLA.

Joyce has continued to star in numerous theatre projects and recently took over the title role in the Off-Broadway comedy Miss Abigail's Guide to Dating, Mating, and Marriage! at the Downstairs Cabaret Theatre at Sofia's in New York City. Other theatre credits include Dinner with Friends, Last Night of Ballyhoo, Noises Off at Michigan’s Cherry County Playhouse, Love Letters at the Judson Theatre Company, and Sam Bobrick’s Remember Me at the Alhambra Theatre.

Another of her passions is her devotion to fighting against worldwide hunger and homelessness. She co-hosted the World Food Day Gala with actor Jeff Bridges, and participated with Senator Robert Dole and Representative Patricia Shroeder at the Capitol Hill Forum in hunger and homelessness.



        (11076 bytes) Norman Fell                                               images/redflower.jpg (12714


Character: Mr. Roper
Stanley Roper, landlord and husband is the average married middle aged American man whose vulnerability sometimes causes him to act like a stubborn fool. Misunderstood, Mr. Roper covers his insecurity to avoid dealing with new issues that confront him. Dressed in conservative and constrained costumes Mr. Roper rebuts the persistent advances of his wife, Helen. He loves Helen. . . if only she didn't have to live with him.

Versatile performer Norman Fell built a resume that includes television credits for more than 150 live plays from New York and some 200 television programs filmed in Hollywood. Fell received acclaimed reviews for his work in Roots: The Next Generation. His numerous accolades include an Emmy nomination for is role in Rich Man, Poor Man and won the Golden Globe for "Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy" for his comedic talents portraying Stanley Roper in Three's Company.

Fell was born March 24, 1924 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He spent three years as an air force gunner in the Pacific. After the war, he returned home to attend Temple University and receive his B.A in 1950.


        (16053 bytes)

Norman traveled back and forth between Philadelphia and New York making the rounds seeking roles. He began summer stock and television in Studio One, Goodyear Playhouse and Philco Television Playhouse. On Broadway, he starred in Uncle Willie and Middle of the Night.

In 1958 he moved to California to pursue a career in film. His motion picture credits include The Graduate, Ocean's Eleven, PT 109, Catch-22, Bullit, It's a Mad Mad Mad World and The End. He appeared in nearly forty films. His television career is just as acclaimed highlighted by his own show The Ropers in 1979 in which he plays Stanley Roper.

As a life time member of the Actors’ Studio in New York, Norman died in December of 1998 at the age of seventy-four.



        (11054 bytes) John Ritter                                        images/redflower.jpg (12714 bytes)

Jack Tripper
Jack, the man of the house, is a kid at heart. A handsome, yet lovable ladies-man, Jack enjoys living with two girls but never takes himself too seriously. The fall guy for the apartment's landlords, Jack pretends to have no interest in dating women so he can live in a place he can afford. Money is tight as he studies to be a chef, but Jack doesn't mind working overtime in order to cook up romantic adventures with his latest love interests. Jack is the leading straight guy who wants everyone to be happy and keeps everyone laughing.

A native of Los Angeles, John Ritter is the youngest son of Western film star and country music legend, Tex Ritter. John graduated from Hollywood High School, where he was Student Body President. John received a BFA degree in Drama from the University of Southern California.

Graduating from USC John went directly into theatrical summer stock productions, during this period he made his television debut in an episode of Dan August. This first experience lead to appearances in dozens of television series such as Hawaii Five-O, MASH, Starsky and Hutch, The Streets of San Francisco, Phyllis, Rhoda and a recurring role as the Reverend Fordwick in The Waltons. More recently he has appeared in Wings, Newsradio, Touch By An Angel, and Ally McBeal.


        (18389 bytes)

John came to national prominence in 1977 as the star of the television hit comedy series Three's Company. His role as Jack Tripper garnered an Emmy, Golden Globe and a People's Choice award. He returned to the weekly format with Hooperman (1987-89), receiving Emmy and Golden Globe nominations and winning a People's Choice Award. His next television comedy series, Hearts Afire, ran from 1992 through 1995.

Starring in more than twenty television movies, including Unnatural Causes for which he received an Emmy nomination for Best Actor, Stephen King's It, The Dreamer of OZ, The Only Way Out, Unforgivable, and A Child's Wish. In 1999, he starred in two CBS television movies, Holy Joe and Lethal Vows.

John's motion picture credits include Peter Bogdanovich's They All Laughed and Noises Off, Problem Child, Stay Tuned, Blake Edwards' Skin Deep, and the highly acclaimed Sling Blade.

His stage work includes Love Letters, The Unvarnished Truth, The Glass Menagerie, Butterflies Are Free and As You Like It. He has recently completed the Los Angeles run of Neil Simon's play, The Dinner Party.

In 1983, John Ritter was honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. His star is placed along side his father's.

Sadly, in 2003, John fell ill with an aorta dissection.  He underwent surgery and died on September 11, 2003, just days shy of his 55th birthday. He is survived by his wife Amy, ex-wife Nancy, and his four children Jason, Carly, Tyler, and Stella.


laryhead.jpg (12196

        bytes) Richard Kline

Larry Dallas
The swinging bachelor who helped put that extra swing in the seventies, Larry personifies every guy who can't stop loving the ladies. Larry plays Jack's partner in crime at the apartment and at their stomping grounds, The Regal Beagle. He makes his living as a used car salesman and can be found lounging around in his bachelor pad in his infamous silk zebra pajamas.

A native of Manhattan, Kline studied drama at Queens College and went on to receive a MFA in Theatre from Northwestern University.

Richard has appeared on numerous television shows including Bluebloods, The Americans, Gilmore Girls, Judging Amy, That 70’s Show, NYPD Blue, St. Elsewhere, and LA Law. On the silver screen, he was a lead actor in the 1999 film Liberty Heights directed by Barry Levinson. He can be seen in such films as Liberty Heights, Nothing But The Truth and Beverly Hills Ninja.

Richard will star as Liberace in a pre-Broadway production of All That Glitters in 2015 San Francisco prior to a Broadway opening. At the George Street Playhouse he played opposite Tyne Daly in It Shoulda Been You directed by David Hyde Pierce, and recently played The Wizard in the National Tour of Wicked. Other theatre credits include City of Angels (Broadway debut), David Mamet’s November, Death of A Salesman, Chemin de Fer, and played the title role of Henry Vat The Folger in Washington, D.C. He has done 6 Neil Simon plays, including a tour of Canada in Jake’s Women. His musical credits include They’re Playing Our Song, Do I Hear A Waltz, The Rothschilds, Company, Titanic, Hello Again and By Jeeves.

While continuing to work as an actor, Richard also teaches acting classes in New York City both privately and at casting workshops. He lives in West Orange, NJ and is married to Beverley Osgoode. His daughter Colby Kline is a singer/actress living in NYC and was seen as Lucy the next door neighbor in Prpblem Child which coincidently starred John Ritter.

To learn more about Richard’s current projects, please visit:



        (11082 bytes) Suzanne Somers                                 images/redflower.jpg (12714


Character: Chrissy Snow
Named Christmas by her evangelical father, Chrissy is also known for her sweet demeanor and snorting laugh. This ditzy blonde is always lovable with her heart of gold and naiveté. Chrissy, with her trademark ponytails, can be a smarter cookie than she lets others believe. She works as a secretary and sometimes matches Jack with her own source of inexplicable logic.

wetchrissy.jpg (19248


One of America's most popular personalities, Suzanne Somers has achieved extraordinary success in a variety of creative arenas. Since her days as Chrissy Snow on Three's Company, Somers has gained renown as a New York Times best-selling author, singer, entrepreneur, and lecturer on the effects of addictions on families. She co-starred with Patrick Duffy from 1991-1998 in Step by Step and as the title character in She's the Sheriff from 1987-89. More recently, Suzanne has hosted talk shows on the Lifetime Network and on YouTube’s CafeMom channel and is an advocate for healthy living and wellness.

Growing up in San Bruno, California, Suzanne Somers dreamed of a career in show business. She landed her first big break as the mysterious blonde driving the white Thunderbird in American Graffiti. Johnny Carson helped to jumpstart her career by asking her to appear on the Tonight Show and read excerpts of her book, Touch Me. Johnny introduced her by saying, “'You've all been wondering who the beautiful blonde in the T-Bird was and now we've found her.”' She appeared on the show more than 150 times during Carson's reign.

10.jpg (26787

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She is known around the world for her role as the ditzy yet loveable Chrissy Snow. Departing Three's Company after five seasons and a People's Choice Award for “Favorite Actress in a New Television Series” in 1978, Somers won critical acclaim starring opposite Anthony Hopkins in the 1985 mini-series Hollywood Wives. She won a second People's Choice Award for her work in Step by Step. She has starred in adaptation of her autobiography, Keeping Secrets and television movies, Seduced By Evil and No Laughing Matter. She has appeared on stage at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas, Monte Carlo, Atlantic City, and Lake Tahoe. In 1986, she was named “Las Vegas Entertainer of the Year”.

Somers explored different avenues of self-expression and authored a number of books, two of which, Suzanne Somers' Get Skinny on Fabulous Food and Suzanne Somers's Eat Great, Lose Weight appeared simultaneously on the New York Times best seller list in the top two positions.


lanahead.jpg (14717 bytes) Ann Wedgeworth

Lana Shields
A sultry recent divorceé moves into the apartment complex. Lana, an attractive take-charge woman sets her sites on her handsome neighbor Jack Tripper but discovers it is difficult finding time alone with Jack as their landlord, Mr. Furley, constantly pursues her company. This mature sexy lady has a fire burning for Jack and will not give up until she gets what she wants.

Born in Abilene, Texas and raised in Dallas, Ann received a Bachelor of Arts degree in drama from Southern Methodist University. Earlier in her life, she met and married actor Rip Torn; they have a daughter together.

A versatile performer, she enjoys many of the great female roles penned by Tennessee Williams. She is naturally partial to dramatic roles, but can hold her own in a comedy. Winning the Tony Award for Best Supporting Actress in Neil Simon's Chapter Two.   Ann has been seen on the Broadway stage in plays such as Thieves, Make a Million and The Last Analysis. Her many movie roles include The Hunter's Moon (1999), The Whole Wide World (1996), Love and a .45 (1994), Green Card (1990) and Steel Magnolias (1989).

It was in 1979, that she accepted the role of Lana on Three's Company, moving into the apartment complex as Lana, the trio's sultry new neighbor and femme fatale. Other sitcoms that she has loaned her talents to are Filthy Rich and Evening Shade with Burt Reynolds. Her television movie credits include Burning Passion: The Margaret Mitchell Story, Cooperstown, Killjoy, and The War Between the Tates. She has been married to Ernie Martin for many happy years and together they had her second daughter. Jack Tripper-eat your heart out!



        (11939 bytes) Audra Lindley                                  images/redflower.jpg (12714 bytes)

Character: Mrs. Roper
The "kids" could not have asked for a kinder landlady. Helen Roper is a warm, good- hearted woman who loved to laugh and be affectionate with her husband. If only Stanley wasn't such a stick in the mud . . . . She is known for her kooky kaftans, bright colored jewelry and wiry, bright red hair.

Audra Lindley wore many hats in her lengthy career in show business. She was attracted to the entertainment industry at an early age through her parents, both of whom worked in "the business". She began work in film as a stand-in for cast members and then went on to stunt work including tricks like horseback riding. Warner Brothers saw her talent and signed a contract with Lindley when she was a young age. The New York stage lured her away from Hollywood and while in Manhattan, she took time off to bring up five children. (No wonder why Mrs. Roper had such strong maternal instincts!) But it wasn't long until she began working as an actress again.

roperlove.jpg (18282


Throughout her career, Lindley received numerous accolades for her work in theatre and television. She received two Golden Globe nominations, the first in 1973 for "Best Supporting Actress, Television" for her work in Bridget Loves Bernie and in the same category in 1979 for Three's Company. For theatre, Lindley won a Drama-Logue award for Handy Dandy at the Pasadena Playhouse, a New York Drama Circle nomination for Fire, the Best Actress Award for Death of a Salesman at the Citadel in Canada, and a New York Drama Best Actress nomination for About Time in 1990. She graced the Broadway stage with Julie Harris in The Young and The Fair, co-starred with Art Carney in Take Her, She's Mine and also starred in stage productions of On Golden Pond, The Magnificent Yankee, and Love Letters.

Having an impressive resume in both film and television as well, Lindley's various films include The Heartbreak Kid, Best Friends, The Witching Hour, and The Relic. She starred in Another World, played Lisa Kudrow's grandmother in Friends and Cybill Shepherd's mother in Cybill. She passed away in 1997 from leukemia and was survived by her five children.


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