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The Other Hollywood - Volume 3

Description: The final two episodes in the series exploring the early developments in movie making and the enormous contributions of the European film industry's pioneers. Episodes five and six are presented on one tape - Running time approx. 2 hours, Color and tinted Black & White, HiFi Stero, VHS - home video. Produced by award-winning Photoplay Productions team Kevin Brownlow and David Gill.


Narrated By Kenneth Branagh
Produced by Kevin Brownlow and David Gill
Music Composition by Carl Davis, Philip Appleby and Nic Raine.

Synopsis: OPPORTUNITY LOST (Britian) Despite pioneering efforts, the British film industry lagged behind Germany and France. American directors came over to train apprentices and technicians. Alfred Hitchcock embarks on his stellar career. Sir John Gielgud and Charles Bennett, the author of Blackmail are interviewed. END OF AN ERA (Finale) Britain, Germany, France and Italy were producing their finest silent films. The Jazz Singer, the first talking picture is released. Rene Clair and Abel Gance begin making sound films.